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Felix & Ginger is a modern beauty boutique devoted to offering the highest quality hair services, creative direction and results-driven products. Whether it’s recreating coveted hairstyles, enhancing your natural attributes or giving you the knowledge and tools to form your own hair routine, we are focused on providing our clients incredible value and a singular experience.




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Located in a sun-drenched, historical building, the salon boasts an inviting espresso bar brimming with biscotti and mimosas for the early risers or wine and cheese for after dusk appointments. A signature scent permeates the airy space, while a communal colour table is the designed for socializing or skimming fashion magazines.  

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Felix & Ginger is built on the belief that customers want to feel confident in their beauty decisions We take an open-minded and service-centric approach to the work we do Sustainability, from products to partnerships to waste diversion, is the bedrock of our business.

We are committed to earning customer trust 
We measure our success by the quality of our team 
Our studio experience is centered around ease, comfort and convenience



Our boutique salon is comprised of a close-knit, dynamic group of artists.
Each stylist brings a unique set of skills, experience and technique. 

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